5 Wild Weeds You Can Eat

Go ahead, get outdoors and check out the weeds. Why? Because there are many weeds you can add to your menu. With flavor and color, your dishes will look and taste beautiful.

I know, sounds kind of weird. Maybe even gross. Picking weeds to eat? Well, yes. Before our society became so modern and over-processed, people would actually eat the flowers we now call weeds. Not only are they edible, they offer medicinal value.

Before you say no, keep an open mind and read on.

Below you will find 5 different weeds that are edible. Find out what they taste like and how you can prepare them.


The flowers of both the red and white clovers can be chopped up and eaten. Some like to put them in salads. Others prefer to saute them and add them as an accent to cooked dishes.

Clover tastes a little like licorice.


While many people hate to see these yellow visitors arrive each year, others can't wait. If you pick them when they are young, they taste a bit like honey. The younger you pick them, the sweeter they are. And they are loaded with beta-carotene. In fact, some researchers claim they have more beta-carotene than carrots.


Mustard is plentiful these days. If you take the young leaves, steam them or cook them just like you would cook spinach, you can enjoy this weed.


Marigolds have a citrus flavor. This, and their bright yellow color, attract insects of all kinds. If you don’t want to eat them, plant them around your garden as a bait flower that can lure insects away from your produce.

Garden Sorrel

Garden sorrel has a lemon flavor. You can use this weed just like you would use a lemon. It is tart with a citrus taste. Garden sorrel is great when used in sauces needing that lemony flavor.

What weeds are growing in your yard? Find the edible weeds. Add them to your meals. Make a tea. Dry them and use them as herbs.

Are you ready to give them a try?

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